Monday, June 18, 2007

Sam Perlozzo Fired

The Orioles' manager was fired this afternoon, as they all have been since we haven't had a winning season since 1997. We have had and do have some very talented players interspersed through the years, just not a congruent bunch. We have good starting pitchers and no closers, or we have great closers and starters that can't get past the 5th inning. We have had two good hiters in the lineup and the rest of them might as well have been me (imagine that!) . . . the list goes on and on; the problem with the Orioles is ownership. Angelos is a dud. He always has been. He thinks adding Sammy Sosa to the line up makes for a winning team. Only after we bought Sosa we had no money left for any other players. Give me a break.

It's been hard to be an Orioles fan ever since Cal moved to third base. I love 'em and am a die-hard fan, but it's hard.

Angelos has to go. He sucks.


Anonymous said...

"Angelos has to go.He sucks".Yes he does,but you can't fire the owner.But,you can buy him out.Would it not be a great day for Baltimore and Maryland and all Orioles' fans,if Cal Ripken,Jr. and a consortium of backers made that "bloodsucking" lawyer an offer he couldn't refuse.Maybe then,the O's could attract the kind of players that could turn this storied franchise around.It is no secret that a majority of players do not want to come to Baltimore to play for an owner who could care less if his team wins or loses,as long as the turnstiles keep clicking and he's making money.Well,in my opinion,that is bullcrap!He is not a fan,he is in it as a business venture,and that is wrong.What more can I say? Nothing.All that is left for Oriole fans are hopes and dreams (of an ownership change).

Historical Wit said...

See thats the problem with Angelos, he makes more money off his practice than his team. He could care less.

What I want to see, and I think its going to happen, is Steve Buscatii(sp?) Ravens owner with Ripken and that be the leader of the ownership team. SB is all about Baltimore. Look at the coupl hundred thou he just dropped on Johnny U memorbilia just to keep it in the city. An owner you can be proud of and thats coming from a Steelers fan. Props. Anyway Angelos is the problem. That sorry bitch doens't allow tailgating! Thats all you really need to know.

I think Angelos is close to getting out. I hope he is. It is hard to support the team right now. But it aint all their fault. I was there Sunday. You should have heard how the crowd rained boos on Sam P when he wallked out just to talk to his pitcher. I knew he was gone then. My wife said the only other time it was that bad was Marchbrodas last game as Ravens coach.

GayBury said...

I know, it sucks the fans can't fire the owner of their team. Cal and Steve should buy the team . . . who wouldn't want to play for Cal?

Anonymous said...

Update: Now it is no secret that even a good choice for manager does not want to come to Baltimore to work for an owner who could care less if his team wins or loses.Hey Angelos,you worthless piece of crap,money ain't everything to honest,decent men!

Anonymous said...

A minor league manager manageing a minor league team.Works for me.Trembley is doing better than Per"loser".