Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bush Legacy Mish Mash

You know, I would think that when a president has made the mess that Georgie Bush has made, he would make a really genuine effort to not have anymore really bad screw ups. Guess not. The Gonzales-Comey-Ashcroft story from yesterday is straight out of a Harrison Ford movie. They really went to a very ill man's bedside to get their wire-tapping through, while the man they needed permission from was racing to the hospital to stop it? Are you serious? I guess they thought it would never come out.

Iraq is a mess. His administration is a mess. Tony Snow couldn't answer questions posed to him yesterday about the need for a war czar. Reporter: "Why now Mr. Snow, when we have been at war for 4 years?" T.S. "I don't know." R: "Have we needed a war czar all along and are just now making one?" T.S. "I don't know." Uhhhmmmm, great. That's just great.

The conservative pundits on the radio have even ignored the mess. They have decided to attack democrats instead and talk about gas prices. Funny. Limbaugh says, "All the democrats do is attack the Republicans, they have no platform." Then he rails democrats when they say the administration has made mistakes. It's okay for him to do it, but not the democrats. Why isn't he crying criminal with Gonzales? Because then he has to against 2 months of "Gonzales was in the right when he did this." So he will ignore it.

Oh, and Guiliani basically condoning torture saying "whatever it takes" after McCain talked first hand about how ineffective torure is was lovely. How angry do you have to be to torture someone to hear what you want to hear? Tortured people don't give up privileged information. They tell the torturer what they want to hear because it hurts. What a moron.

Believe it or not, the conservatives are still digging their hole deeper. I may have spelled their names wrong. It doesn't matter.

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