Friday, May 18, 2007

Conservative Pundits

I didn't get to listen to Laura, Neal or Rush today. But I know that yesterday none of them talked about the debacle that is Alberto Gonzales. Not even a mention. I just don't understand. Oh, and they failed to mention that Georgie's other appointee, Paul Wolfowitz who is resigning in disgrace.

They did manage to blame democrats for gas prices being so high. Rush said that if Exxon spread all their profits among each and every American, we could only buy a few gallons of gas anyway. Uhhhmmm, gas is high, but not quite that high Rush. Exxon profited 39.5 billion dollars last year. There are 301 million (or so, and counting) people in the U.S. That comes to approximately $130,000 per person. That's 37, 000 gallons of gas at $3.50 a gallon. So obviously, according to Rush, the problem is not that gas companies are making too much money as democrats suggested. They are barely getting by for crying out loud.

Did I mention the only oil company used in the above analysis was Exxon? Think if we added the others. But we are not being gouged. No way. The problem (again according to Rush) is that we are not harvesting our own oil, obviously. If we harvested our own oil, by destroying wildlife and land, then Exxon wouldn't have to make 39.5 billion dollars in profits or their profits could double but gas would stay the same or . . . Don't you get the Rush 'logic' here?

Record gas prices equals record profits, and Georgie has all the neo-cons convinced it's the democrats' fault. Unbelievable.

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