Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spring Bliss

I have no news today as I got into several fights with my lawn tractor (flat tire, guard flying off . . . etc.) that a 2 hour job turned into 4.5 hours. I then had to help some friends move and now my hiney is sore. So relaxing tonight, more Monday.

Happy Mother's Day!!!


Idiot! said...

......too easy a joke....ill let it pass...but sooo tempted.

What Would Joey Albero Do?

GayBury said...

Awww, it's sweet of you to let it pass.

Historical Wit said...

dude you cant leave yourself open to such combacks. its all good tho-. I take it you attend su? what no umes ups? ohwell. su has better sports but umes has a better campus. keep posting.

GayBury said...

UMES (perennial bowling favorites!)gets ups and so does WorWic. Anyone know what WorWic's mascot is? I do. Ask me and I'll tell you.