Thursday, May 10, 2007

Times Poll

Ahhh, a poll. Yay for polls. Scientifically inaccurate, misleading and sometimes damaging. The ever mighty poll.

As a staunch proponent of the Arts and promoter of culture-rich living, the Fire Hall being turned into an place for the Arts is the way to go in my opinion. We have plenty of restaurants - downtown and throughout the city. A museum - well, I don't think that is economically sound. It seems it would exhaust potential visitors in no time, with the exception of tourons in the summer. And I have got to tell you, I like the way the way drive around Salisbury and keep on going.

I really don't think Bill Ahtes 'lost' this poll either. He lost as he is a citizen of the city and all the citizens will lose if we don't get some culture in our downtown area. But as for Bill coming in 'last place' - I think that is a bit of stretch. He is a major player in bringing Art & Culture downtown, but a loser he is not. He will continue to bring Art & Culture to Salisbury, by any means necessary and for that he is to be applauded.

Another restaurant? I hope not.

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