Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Smalltown Woes

I was raised on the Shore, lived elsewhere and have been back for five and a half years. I bought a house outside Salisbury simply because the self-serving politicians in town scared me. I recently (4-5 months ago) became aware of local bloggers and am astounded at what is printed and that some think of themselves as Main Stream Media. How funny. Some are just mean. Some print the strangest things about other people - not sure why, they just do. And some claim to influence local thought and elections. In essence, I read them for the absurd entertainment they provide and because some of the people that created them seem to think themselves important.

I thought, I want to be important too. So I made a blog. You're reading it. I hope to make it gay, because I am gay and gay is good. So I will list events in the mid-atlantic area and other cool, really gay stuff.

I may link to other local blogs, but some are so pervasive and childish I still have to think on that one. Oh, and I am glad I don't live in the town of Salisbury. The politics are insane in the Bury. My little town suits me just fine. I do work in Salisbury and have a vested interest in the goings on, but that is all.


Idiot! said...

Welcome, and hopefully my blog is in the category of good blogs. I try.

I wonder how long this blog will last until you have to moderate comments from all the conservatives that disapprove of your lifestyle. I am just happy I am no longer the only moderate liberal around here now. Watch out for Uncle Tom.

PS- If you are conservative and reading this blog, God is mad at you and will consequently punish you by turning you gay. I hope you enjoy the color pink.

GayBury said...

I know, how threatening - defaming our prestigious town by calling it Gaybury. The nerve.

I did think about that. But that's why I called GAYBURY. It's out there. I hope to not moderate negative comments, just let them be. We'll see if that's too optimistic.

I must say I have scoured my blog and am unsure of how you knew I was a liberal. I find it difficult to figure out if some of the locals are Liberal or Conservative. Some are out there, most are not.

I know a gay conservative. Not me. But I do know one. That could be weird news for tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog... or a friend suggested it to me. I see that you have not blogged lately. I LOVE THIS BLOG! I hope you are well and able to do more blogging!