Monday, May 21, 2007

More Limbaugh Logic

Ahhhh, Rush Limbaugh tried to think today. Oops. He said, "They are the Party of Fatalism and Fear." And he wasn't talking about fake reasons to start a war. Or WMDs. Or an Iraqi-Osama connection. He was actually talking about democrats and global warming. "They are saying this because their policy is based on making you afraid and then you have to agree with them out of fear. It has been their policy for a long time."

Really? Hhmmmm. I thought that was Georgie and his cronies' shtick. My father is a staunch right wing Republican and he swears if Georgie hadn't attacked Iraq, American women would already be wearing Burkas. Sounds like somebody put the fear into him. And not about global warming, either. I seem to remember a major fear policy by Georgie, Dicky & Rummy. Oh but wait, that was true. Or it could have been. It really could have been. Well, we knew it wasn't but went forward with a bloody war.

The White House also backed Gonzales today by saying, "He has done nothing wrong and is still the man for the job." And we are winning in Iraq. And democrats are the party of fear. And Jerry Falwell was a swell human. The conservative load of $#@* has had its day now the American people are finally seeing right through it. Finally.

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